A Note From The Chamber’s Executive Director, April Sneed

With the first year under my belt, I now feel like we are on a roll! Since I’ve started, we have made positive changes to our projects and events and are currently enhancing the benefits of membership. We are increasing our outreach into the community through our events, social media and our redesigned webpage with an added “Life In Rolesville” tab. I have an open door policy where I am available to hear from our members and listen to their concerns and what they need from us.

Rolesville is rapidly growing and the Town of Rolesville is focused on our economic development. As they strive to bring new businesses to town, we are looking forward to serving these businesses and helping connect them with our residents and future employees. Development is viewed as a victory for our current businesses, future businesses and our residents and the Chamber is assisting in all ways possible to help grow our town.

This year and the coming years are already exciting, changing, important times for our Chamber and our community. We will continue to live up to our mission of, enthusiastically and aggressively promoting, serving, and supporting our members, the Town, and the surrounding areas through community involvement, meetings, and information.


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