The Rolesville Chamber of Commerce Foundation is our independent 501(c) 3 organization that focuses on the following initiatives that will enhance our community through the following pillars:


  • innovation & Economic Development
  • Talent Supply & Education
  • Business Leadership

Mission Statement
The Rolesville Chamber of Commerce Foundation is dedicated to strengthening the Chamber’s long-term competitiveness by providing educational opportunities for both adults and youth focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship, economic development, and workforce development initiatives.


The Foundation is supported by sponsors and donors that help maintain our ongoing efforts and initiatives. Below are examples of these initiatives.


Economic Development
Advocacy – The Foundation will become the independent voice for small businesses within the Town of Rolesville. We will accomplish this goal by guaranteeing that small business views are heard in the regulatory process and by providing policymakers and small business stakeholders with the knowledge they need to advance the small business economy.
Sector Strategy – It’s important for the Rolesville community to diversify its economy through businesses in different sectors, the same way it’s important for investors to diversify their investments in different funds. A diversified economy is a stronger economy since the community isn’t dependent on one industry.


Workforce Development

We work to bring Wake Tech Community College to Rolesville with classes to support our local workforce and to further educate the employees of our existing business in Rolesville. Creation of a
skilled and thriving workforce by adoption/creation of a clear and coherent message that the Town of Rolesville IS the place for jobs; market abundance of existing resources in the county for education and training if potential workers have a skill gap; support and enhance existing services to address the Town of Rolesville unemployed persons’ barriers to work.



The Foundation will create an endowment to help financially support the long-term goals and expenses of the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce. The goal for the Foundation’s Endowment Fund is to grow, whereby interest made from the fund will be used to assist in the creation of new initiatives and further investments in the community. The endowment fund will also help grow the chamber, which in turn, invest back into the community.